Sunny Daniels and the Tale of Tarot Cards and Movie Stars.

Sunny Daniels is bored, so incredibly bored.

After missing out on her chance to go to university, her dreams of becoming a big time film director are dwindling and the nightmare of working in her hippie mothers new age store for the rest of her life is quickly becoming her reality.

When the chance to work as a runner on set for the latest teenage film craze comes up, the opportunity to get her foot in the door and spend two weeks in London feels like a dream come true.

But she won’t be making it through her face day on the job, not if lead actor Nathan King has anything to
o with it.

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  1. I bought your book off smashwords last night and read it last night/this morning. I really enjoyed the story, it was cute and it had some humorous moments. However, there were a lot of grammatical errors that drove me a bit crazy. If you were to re-edit it and clean it up a bit more it'd be even better. :)

  2. Thank you for that :) I have edited it a few times but when it's your own work I think you can sometimes miss mistakes. But I will definitely do re-edit. Thanks a lot for the feedback x